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Episode 15: Parenting – discipling our children Delight Podcast

What does the Bible say on parenting? Is there a right way to do it? Talking toddlers to teenagers, Lucy Rycroft (Parenting for Faith, The Hope Filled Family) joins hosts Adam Curtis and Leah Sax to talk, laugh and ponder what the Bible has to say. We’d love to hear from you – you can find us on instagram @delightpodcast and at ⁠delightpodcast.com⁠. If you fancy twitter and facebook just search Delight Podcast. You can find a transcript and blog on parenting on the DP website. This Season 4 opener is rich with resources, check these out! The Hope-Filled Family : https://thehopefilledfamily.com/The God-Connected Parent course: https://thehopefilledfamily.newzenler.com/courses/the-god-connected-parent/The Parenting for Faith website: https://www.parentingforfaith.brf.org.uk/The free Parenting for Faith course: https://www.parentingforfaith.brf.org.uk/course/Online Babies and Toddlers course: https://www.parentingforfaith.brf.org.uk/bitesize-videos/The Parenting for Faith podcast: https://soundcloud.com/parentingforfaith-brf If you think what you’ve heard today might be of interest to others please do like, share and subscribe. You can find a transcript of todays episode on Christian parenting and a blog on the websiteContent & Research: Adam CurtisMusic, Editing & Production: Leah Sax
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