SHOW NOTES Episode 0: Introducing Delight Podcast

Episode 0 image introducing Delight podcast Delight Podcast for new Christians and encouragement for others with Adam Curtis and Leah sax

Adam Curtis and Leah Sax introduce Delight Podcast: helping new Christians live for Jesus.

In this short welcome episode we hear what the podcast is about, why you should listen and a little bit of Adam’s story from Kent to Curate and Leah’s story from North London to the stage.We’d love to hear from you – you can find us on instagram @delightpodcast and at  

If you fancy twitter and facebook just search Delight Podcast.If you think what you’ve heard today might be of interest to others please do like, share and subscribe.

Content & Research : Adam Curtis

Music, Editing & Production: Leah Sax

2 thoughts on “SHOW NOTES Episode 0: Introducing Delight Podcast

  1. Hi Guys. Great to listen to the first podcast. Watched the live, which bought me here. Was light and fun to listen to. Will be watching out for the next podcast.


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