SHOW NOTES Episode 11: Doubt – honest questions

Kristi Mair joins Delight Podcast to talk through a topic every believer will go through, but one which is rarely discuss.  With raw honesty we talk of the reality of doubt, and what the bible teaches.  Adam Curtis and Leah Sax host.

You can find Adam’s blog on doubt here and you can find a transcript of today’s episode here.

The resources mentioned in today’s episode are found here: Kristi Mair: More Truth Brian Zahnd: When Everything’s On Fire, Faith Forged from the Ashes Eric Ortlund: Piercing Leviathan, God’s Defeat Of Evil In The Book Of Job Grief: It’s OK to be Not OK, Frederico G. Villanueva

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Content & Research: Adam Curtis

Music, Editing & Production: Leah Sax

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