Delighting in Thankfulness

Three Seasons of Delight Podcast! That’s madness. Adam and I have much to be thankful for over these past 18months.

Our goal and motto is ‘Gloria in Excelsis Deo’ – Glory to God in the Highest.

We pray it is all for him. Here are some of our reasons to be thankful.

  1. Thankful for 18 guests who gave us their time and wisdom, testimonies and love.
  2. Thankful for over 3,000 listens (as of October 2022), with episodes heading to 400+ listens per episode.
  3. Thankful for conversations with those we have not met, who have let us know how God has used Delight Podcast.
  4. Thankful for a podcast co-host who loves Jesus, works hard, is humble, who makes me laugh and is a most wonderful brother.
  5. Thankful for the sheer joy of creating and recording the episodes.
  6. Thankful for my own spiritual encouragement, spending hours editing an episode and as a result being seeped in biblical truths.
  7. Thankful to a God who gives us creativity and laughter as a good gift.
  8. Thankful I got to interview my Daddy before he passed away this year.
  9. Thankful that those who don’t know Jesus have also tuned in. #pray
  10. Thankful to a God who loved me first, totally undeserved, who has walked every step before me, and who never leaves me. It is all for Him.

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