Friendship is about love

Do you want good friends? Do you want to be a good friend? If the answer is yes to either or both of these questions, then look for love and be loving. You made read that and I think, are you asking me to have sex with my friends? I’m not talking about sex. SexContinue reading “Friendship is about love”

TRANSCRIPT Episode 8: Friendship – being needy & needed

Leah Sax:Hello and welcome to episode eight of Delight Podcast, I’m Leah Sax and this is Adam Curtis. Adam Curtis:Hey, there. Leah Sax:Today, our guest is Sara Snow and our topic is friendship. Sara is married to Pete, who pastors a church in North London, St Paul’s Harringay, and they have three young children together.Continue reading “TRANSCRIPT Episode 8: Friendship – being needy & needed”

SHOW NOTES Episode 8: Friendship – being needy & needed

Adam Curtis & Leah Sax are joined by Sara Snow as they discuss the ins and outs of Christian friendship. In this deeply personal episode, Sara shares how friends stood beside her during some of her most challenging times and how God used them to sustain her and point her to Jesus. You can findContinue reading “SHOW NOTES Episode 8: Friendship – being needy & needed”