Doubt can be a good thing

I have doubts. I even have doubts about my faith. I’m not afraid to admit this, because I think that doubts can be a good thing. The push back could be, but surely we are meant to be 100% certain and to doubt is to admit we are not 100% certain? But at the endContinue reading “Doubt can be a good thing”

TRANSCRIPT Episode 11: Doubt – honest questions

Leah Sax:Welcome to Episode 11 of Delight Podcast. I’m Leah Sax and this is Adam Curtis. Adam Curtis:Hello. Today we’re going to be exploring the topic of doubt with my friend Kristi Mair. We’re looking at doubt from the perspective of questioning God is there and questioning God is good. Leah Sax:Our guest, Kristi, engagesContinue reading “TRANSCRIPT Episode 11: Doubt – honest questions”