Help with tricky questions

When it comes to the topic of romantic relationships everyone has questions, and we all need help and advice… But sometimes those questions get really tricky… In this blog post I’m going to offer a (very brief) framework for seeking wisdom to try and help you find answers to these tricky questions. A Framework forContinue reading “Help with tricky questions”

Doubt can be a good thing

I have doubts. I even have doubts about my faith. I’m not afraid to admit this, because I think that doubts can be a good thing. The push back could be, but surely we are meant to be 100% certain and to doubt is to admit we are not 100% certain? But at the endContinue reading “Doubt can be a good thing”

Our homes are not our castles

“An Englishman’s home is his castle.” This saying is old, but is it right? Should the Christian view their home as a castle? Castles are used for defense. For keeping the enemies out. They have strong walls and high towers. They communicate a message; you are not welcome here. A Christian home should do theContinue reading “Our homes are not our castles”

Do not fear the devil

The devil is a serpent who whispers lies and a lion who is ready to pounce. This means we should expect to be in spiritual battles. This reality should make us cautious, but not afraid! And here are 5 reasons why…   1. We wear God’s armour God has not left us weak and defenselessContinue reading “Do not fear the devil”

Friendship is about love

Do you want good friends? Do you want to be a good friend? If the answer is yes to either or both of these questions, then look for love and be loving. You made read that and I think, are you asking me to have sex with my friends? I’m not talking about sex. SexContinue reading “Friendship is about love”

Evangelism for those who hate cringe

My friends say that I have a low cringe threshold, but I bet I’m not the only one who sometimes finds evangelism awkward. I want my friends to come to know Jesus, and I want to tell them the gospel. But the problem is there seems to be so much information that needs to beContinue reading “Evangelism for those who hate cringe”

Forgiveness is normal

We live in the time of internet rage. When some messes up, or more likely they have been discovered to have messed up many years ago, an army of individuals descend upon twitter and lets the world know what they think about. And what they think it rarely kind. These rage fueled tweets can giveContinue reading “Forgiveness is normal”

You are not alone

God did not save you to walk this life alone. You may be the only Christian in your family, your marriage, your friendship group, your office, your school. But hear this. You are not alone! When God saves us, he puts us into a family. The Church family. The men and women who stand aroundContinue reading “You are not alone”

11 tips to help you pray

#1 Say the Lord’s Prayer Jesus wants us to pray, and so he has taught us how to do it. Read Matthew 6:9-13 to see it for yourself… “‘Our Father in heaven,hallowed be your name,your kingdom come,your will be done,    on earth as it is in heaven.Give us today our daily bread.And forgive us our debts,    as we alsoContinue reading “11 tips to help you pray”

Meditation in 5 easy steps

Often we can think that meditation is an eastern practice. It involves sitting crossed legged and going “uuummm.” But meditation is a rich biblical tradition. In Psalm 1 the blessed man is the one who meditates on God’s law day and night. Biblical meditation is about muttering/musing on/pondering God’s word. In “Episode 2: Meditation –Continue reading “Meditation in 5 easy steps”

The Heart of Spiritual Growth

So you’ve just become a Christian! You’ve recognized that Jesus is your personal savior, and you want to live for him. But how do you do that? There is an inward and outward answer to this question. The outward answer is probably the simple one and creates the framework for season 1 of The DelightContinue reading “The Heart of Spiritual Growth”