24/7 Worship

By Cat Brooks @mum_in_zone_one The word “worship” seems to mean different things to different people: “He worships the ground she walks on.”“She’s a worship leader.”“He worships his Dad.”“Sunday Worship is at 10.30am.”“She worships Billie Eilish.”“They worshipped idols, though the Lord had said, ‘You shall not do this.’” I’m not going to try to tell youContinue reading “24/7 Worship”

TRANSCRIPT Episode 12: Worship – everyday devotion

Leah Sax:Welcome to episode 12 of Delight Podcast. I’m Leah Sax and this is Adam Curtis. Adam Curtis:Hey. Leah Sax:In this our third episode of season three, we are going to be looking at the topic of worship with Mike and Cat Brooks. Adam Curtis:Mike and Cat met while at university. They’ve been married forContinue reading “TRANSCRIPT Episode 12: Worship – everyday devotion”

SHOW NOTES Episode 12: Worship – everyday devotion

Cat and Mike Brooks join Delight Podcast to dig deep on a word we use so frequently in our Christian lives.  But what does true worship look like?  Hosts Adam Curtis and Leah Sax ask the big questions that so effect our daily lives. You can read our blog on worship by guest blogger CatContinue reading “SHOW NOTES Episode 12: Worship – everyday devotion”