Evangelism for those who hate cringe

My friends say that I have a low cringe threshold, but I bet I’m not the only one who sometimes finds evangelism awkward. I want my friends to come to know Jesus, and I want to tell them the gospel. But the problem is there seems to be so much information that needs to beContinue reading “Evangelism for those who hate cringe”

Singing Lessons for Christians

“Jesus is far more concerned that your heart is in tune with him – than how good a vocalist you are…” Ben Slee, Music Pastor & Songwriter, Christ Church Mayfair, Delight Podcast Episode 7, October 2021 In Episode 7 of Delight Podcast we asked Ben Slee what it means to sing as a Christian. ButContinue reading “Singing Lessons for Christians”

SHOW NOTES Episode 6: Singing – tuning your heart

In this Season 2 opener, Music Pastor and Songwriter Ben Slee answers the question ‘Why should we sing?’   Join Adam Curtis and Leah Sax as they ask Ben all about how, why and when we should sing.Leah’s blog ‘Singing Lessons for Christians‘ can be found here, and a transcript from today’s episode can beContinue reading “SHOW NOTES Episode 6: Singing – tuning your heart”