Raising Confident Kids by Ed Drew

A Book Review by Cat Brooks I knew I was going to love Ed Drew’s book when the first chapter was entitled, ‘This is me.’ If you haven’t had to sit through your kids singing that song from the Greatest Showman with gusto in a school assembly, then you can thank the Lord for that.Continue reading “Raising Confident Kids by Ed Drew”

SHOW NOTES Episode 15: Parenting – discipling our children

What does the Bible say on parenting? Is there a right way to do it? Talking toddlers to teenagers, Lucy Rycroft (Parenting for Faith, The Hope Filled Family) joins hosts Adam Curtis and Leah Sax to talk, laugh and ponder what the Bible has to say. This Season 4 opener is rich with resources, check theseContinue reading “SHOW NOTES Episode 15: Parenting – discipling our children”