Forgiveness is normal

We live in the time of internet rage. When some messes up, or more likely they have been discovered to have messed up many years ago, an army of individuals descend upon twitter and lets the world know what they think about. And what they think it rarely kind. These rage fueled tweets can giveContinue reading “Forgiveness is normal”

TRANSCRIPT – Episode 5: Forgiveness – a personal story

Leah Sax:Hello and welcome to Episode five of Delight Podcast, I’m Leah Sax, and this is Adam Curtis. Adam Curtis:Indeed, we are back. Before we delve into today’s insightful episode, we really, really just want to say absolutely massive. Thank you to everyone who’s engaged in season one is being just quite unbelievable, really, justContinue reading “TRANSCRIPT – Episode 5: Forgiveness – a personal story”

SHOW NOTES Episode 5: Forgiveness – a personal story

In 1984 Harvey Thomas was blown up in the 1984 IRA Brighton Bomb attack on the Conservative Party Conference. Thomas, who produced Billy Graham’s rallies for 15 years, shares his story of forgiveness and how he befriended the man that tried to kill him. Thomas joins Adam Curtis and Leah Sax in this week’s episode:Continue reading “SHOW NOTES Episode 5: Forgiveness – a personal story”