TRANSCRIPT Episode 2: Meditation – dwelling on Gods truth

Leah Sax:Hello and welcome to Episode two of Delight Podcast, I’m Leah Sax, and this is Adam Curtis. Hello. And together we are looking at practices and habits that especially help new Christians live for Jesus. Adam Curtis:Indeed, we are in episode one we looked at the Bible with our good friend Adam Thrift. AndContinue reading “TRANSCRIPT Episode 2: Meditation – dwelling on Gods truth”

SHOW NOTES Episode 2: Meditation – dwelling on God’s truth

Amy Wicks joins Adam Curtis and Leah Sax to chat through the topic of Christian meditation. It’s not a term that people frequently associate with believers – so we have a good old chat about why it should be. Inspired by today’s chat, Adam’s blog ‘Meditation in 5 easy steps‘ can be found on theContinue reading “SHOW NOTES Episode 2: Meditation – dwelling on God’s truth”

Meditation in 5 easy steps

Often we can think that meditation is an eastern practice. It involves sitting crossed legged and going “uuummm.” But meditation is a rich biblical tradition. In Psalm 1 the blessed man is the one who meditates on God’s law day and night. Biblical meditation is about muttering/musing on/pondering God’s word. In “Episode 2: Meditation –Continue reading “Meditation in 5 easy steps”