TRANSCRIPT Episode 10: Hospitality – sharing life

Leah Sax:Welcome to Episode ten of Delight Podcast Season three. I am Leah Sax and this is Adam Curtis. Adam Curtis:Hello. Leah Sax:Adam. I can’t believe once more we are here at season three. Adam Curtis:What I know is actually incredible. I sort of text you last night Leah just because it suddenly dawned onContinue reading “TRANSCRIPT Episode 10: Hospitality – sharing life”

Getting to know Harvey Thomas…

Harvey Thomas is our guest on Episode 5 of Delight Podcast. He speaks of his time with Billy Graham, Margaret Thatcher and his experience of being blown up in the 1984 IRA Brighton Bomb and the story of forgiveness that followed. You can listen to his episode. Harvey is also a model railway enthusiast andContinue reading “Getting to know Harvey Thomas…”