TRANSCRIPT Episode 10: Hospitality – sharing life

Leah Sax:Welcome to Episode ten of Delight Podcast Season three. I am Leah Sax and this is Adam Curtis. Adam Curtis:Hello. Leah Sax:Adam. I can’t believe once more we are here at season three. Adam Curtis:What I know is actually incredible. I sort of text you last night Leah just because it suddenly dawned onContinue reading “TRANSCRIPT Episode 10: Hospitality – sharing life”

Evangelism for those who hate cringe

My friends say that I have a low cringe threshold, but I bet I’m not the only one who sometimes finds evangelism awkward. I want my friends to come to know Jesus, and I want to tell them the gospel. But the problem is there seems to be so much information that needs to beContinue reading “Evangelism for those who hate cringe”

TRANSCRIPT Episode 7: Evangelism – sharing Jesus

Leah Sax:Hello and welcome to episode seven of Delight Podcast, I’m Leah Sax and this is Adam Curtis. Adam Curtis:Hello. In today’s episode of Delight Podcast, we’re going to be interviewing the wonderful Caz Dodds on the topic of evangelism. Now Caz is a member of Edinburgh North Church. She works for the Scottish GovernmentContinue reading “TRANSCRIPT Episode 7: Evangelism – sharing Jesus”